With incomprehensible amounts of legacy data, often varying in both format and consistency, integrity teams are faced with the almost impossible task of knowing where best to focus their attention. This is where we can help.

Go beyond inspection

In order to build an effective and strategically aware RBI strategy, key information must be unearthed from a constant stream of inputs and huge amounts of legacy data. We help integrity teams, showing them where to focus their attention and efforts for optimum results.

We have gone beyond the traditional RBI methodologies. Using technology to measure risk and assign inspection frequencies, our high quality assessment ensures auditable data entry, rapid data harvesting and analysis and effective resource allocation and planning.

Unlike traditional approaches, our technology is business focused and sensitive to long-term costs.

Our bespoke RBI process and software solution provides the cornerstone for our advanced technologies:

  • Is a user friendly, cloud-based RBI maintenance platform that can be customised to align with any corporate risk matrix;
  • Creates a live inspection plan which is updated automatically, offering insight into ideal inspection frequencies and updated degradation rates;
  • Offers accurate quantitative assessment, free from cognitive bias and consistent between multiple systems and assets;
  • Simplifies interpreting, planning and prioritising future work, regardless of the size of the data sets involved;
  • Can process data from various sources, including marine, structural, pressure systems and subsea;