Our vision of strategic integrity management is to provide a robust methodology to ensure that the people, systems, processes and resources that deliver integrity are in place, and will perform when required over the whole lifecycle of the asset.

We improve your business, ensuring that your assets deliver.

We look beyond your assets to see your business as a whole. Using our cross-disciplinary expertise we develop strategies that provide tangible savings and the ability to operate ageing assets effectively, efficiently, safely and profitably.

We provide business-focused integrity management consultancy services grounded in long-standing cutting edge industry knowledge for offshore assets.

  • Pressure systems integrity management
  • Pipelines integrity management
  • Structural and marine integrity management

We push the boundaries of traditional integrity management, providing answers for complex problems, identifying and delivering the best solution, always keeping the performance of your asset at the forefront.

We don’t just solve immediate problems, we deliver peace of mind and absolute confidence with improved business process, function and performance.